It is necessary that students obey the monitor appointed by the class teacher to maintain discipline.

* No shouting or whistling is allowed in the school premises.
* Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones, wear expensive jewelry to school.
* Students are expected to be in school five minutes before the assembly bell.
* Student must not lend or borrow money or other articles from their fellow students.
* Students are expected to be polite, courteous, respectful and well disciplined inside and outside the school.
* Students must take care of the school property. No student should scratch or spoil any school furniture, or write or draw lines on
   the walls or in any other manner damage things belonging others. Damage done either by accident, by any student or by any
   one else, should be reported immediately to the class teacher or to the Principal. Any damage done will have to be repaired
   either individually or collectively.
* The practice of smoking, chewing and spitting tobacco, any form of gambling, use of drugs/intoxicants, use of violence in any
   form and casteism/communalism are strictly forbidden.
* Observe order and decorum befitting the occasion.
* Undisciplined behaviour in the school premises is not allowed.
* Every student should have his / her own text book stationery and other materials required for studies. Articles should not be
* A student who uses unfair means in the examination will render himself / herself liable to disciplinary action as considered
   necessary by the Principal.
* Students found possessing or reading vulgar books or magazines are liable to disciplinary action.
* Being an English Medium School, it is expected from the students to speak only in English.
* We expect all our students to respect and obey their parents, guardians and other elders by their words and actions..
* Every student should take care of their personal belongings. School authorities will not be responsible for any loss of such
* We encourage parents to come to school during visiting hours only. In this way the students and teachers do not get disturbed
   now and then. Please co-operate with us by respecting their study time.
* Before leaving the class room at the end of the day, students should arrange the furniture in proper order, put off the lights and
  fans, shut the windows, throw the waste papers and unwanted materials into the dust bin and then leave the class room.
* The school administration will allow only a parent or guardian whose photo is affixed on the diary.
* Violation of the rules and regulations of the school and the code of conduct will render the concerned student liable to
   punishment including removal from the school.
* The school authority reserves the right to suspend, expel or rusticate any child.