Co-Curricular Activities
Co curricular activities and sports help children broaden their vision and enhance classroom learning, all under the guidance of experts who are masters in their  
respective fields which gives children an opportunity to interact with the relevant professional.
The school provides all opportunities to every child for his physical, moral and mental development and with this end in view "The House System" has been  
introduced and all the co-curricular and sports activities are organized House wise in the school.
The students from class I to XII are distributed in different Houses according to their Roll No. as mentioned below -
Roll No.
1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21....
2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22.....
3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23.....
4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24.....
In each month the Houses will perform their duties as follows :-
            BLUE HOUSE                    1st    To   7th
            GREEN HOUSE                  8th    To  14th
            ORANGE HOUSE               15th   To   22nd
            RED HOUSE                     23rd   To   Last

Daily Duty to be performed by the House are -
1. To conduct Assembly
    a) Arrangement of lines classwise  b) Uniform checking
    c) Command  d) Prayer and National Anthem
    e) News & Quiz Questions  f) To check the Late Commers
2. Maintenance of discipline in the School
3. Neatness of School Campus & Class Room
4. Maintanance of the Garden
5. Writing thoughts on the Black Board
6. Lost and Found

In each House, there are two House Leaders from Boys and Girls respectively
nominated by the House Master. The House Leader will allot the daily duty to
the different students of their House for the week with the help of House

                        Co - Curriculum Of Students

Class I To V :          English, Hindi, Maths, EVS, Art Education, Music, Moral 
                         Science, Physical & Health Education, Computer
                               Literacy and Spoken English.

Class VI To VIII :    English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Maths, G.Science, S.Science,
                               WE, Art Education, Physical & Health Education,
                               Computer Literacy, Spoken English and Music.

Class IX To X :        English - A Course, Hindi - A Course, Maths, G.Science,
                               S.Science, WE, Art Art Education, Physical & Health
                               Education, Computer Literacy.

Class XI To XII :     
Science Stream

Compulsory : English Core, Physical Education
                      Elective      : Physics, Chemistry, Maths / Biology,                              
                                         Hindi Core / Computer Science   

Commerce Stream

Compulsory : English Core, Physical Education
                 Elective       : Hindi Core / Library Science                              
                                         Accountancy, Economics, B.Studies

   Arts Stream

Compulsory : English Core, Physical Education
                     Elective       : English Core, Hindi Core / Library Science                              
                                         Economics, Political Science, History