The student is not an edifice of stone but a template of learning, made glorious by the teacher architects. With the vision of empowering students with energy in their souls, the activities in our yearly planneris designed to create students who are well informed independent of thought with a sensitive heart. Students actively participate in House and Club activities.

      Regular value education classes are being held in the school to instil moral and spiritual values among students. Orientation, sessions with experts, symposia motivational presentations, workshops are organised for the Teachers as well as for the Learners.

The School is an active member of various social and charitable organisations such as interact Eco Club, NSS, Red Cross Society, Helpage,India, Cancer Aid Society etc.

        The School wins laurels in different fields such as Sports, Scouting, Paintings, Music, Judo etc. at Zonal, State, National and International Level.  
       The main aim of the institution is to serve the weaker sections of the Railway Society.
The School's philosophy is to recognise and to encourage talents of all kinds and of all degrees. It also stresses to develop fluency in the use of English and Hindi to faciliate enjoyment of all process of communication, oral, written or visual. The school is known for its excellent board results. 
The real achivement is that we admit average students and give outstanding results. The school follows Grading System of examination as proposed by CBSE.